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Number of Kenyans living abroad
Diaspora Remittances (2021*)
Ksh. 0
North America remittance injection

*Numbers source: Kenya Diaspora Markets

Connecting Diasporas, Building Futures

At Muthokinju, we recognize the significance of maintaining ties to your heritage while advancing your aspirations abroad.

Our platform functions as a conduit, empowering diaspora individuals to seamlessly inquire about our extensive array of paints and cement products, place orders, and establish connections with fellow community members.

Backed by a steadfast commitment to excellence and decades of industry expertise, Muthokinju Paints and Cement delivers superior-grade products that adhere to international standards. Whether you’re undertaking home renovations, initiating a construction endeavor, or simply seeking to bolster local enterprises from afar, we’re here to assist.

Embark on a journey of cross-border connections and collaborative progress with us. Explore our offerings, place your orders, and let Muthokinju Paints and Cement become your trusted ally in construction and community development

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